Early Spring


Early Spring

The sun seems returning to its apogee
It’s spring I see
The thing most loved
Is that the raking light
Coming through the studio window
Striking the wall of memories
Brings to me
The picture
Of dear ones brightly lit
As they stand in a long ago summer garden.
She’s gone, vanished
The ‘why’ of it
Still heartbreaking
A brother now,
As we old men move
In a revere
Of time past
Wistfully ask ourselves
Why we cannot let go of love.


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2 Responses to Early Spring

  1. francarbonaroattnet says:

    Yes, some days it IS a joyful question, especially with time. Sending love to you and Andie! ❤

  2. So beautiful. Why would we want to let go of love, I wonder?

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