The Holidays are upon us once again and if one has survived the boot camp depredations of BLACK FRIDAY, then maybe a sweet, easy buying time from a click or two on the laptop or computer is in order. For those of you readers and those you care for are readers, may I suggest the following:

POETRY: SNAPSHOTS —–a collection of poems on nature, on love, on life , on grief

WOBBLY SABI..…A collection of poems on love, aging, and the                                                     beautiful  transient nature of life

PETS & DOGS:  THE ANDIE CHRONICLES……a collection of stories about a little                                  Cocker Spaniel named Andie and her adventures

MEMOIR:     PENTIMENTO.…….The life and times of a world traveler, hippy, monk                     poet, artist, activist, part-time anarchist and professional black sheep of the family

Happy Holidays from Michael & Andie

IMG_2930 - Copy

IMG_2465 - Copy


All These books are available at Barns & Noble   by Michael Browne

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