Mr. Mouse


We are happy to……no, that is a bit harsh and disrespectful. We respectfully announce the passing of Mr. Mouse Christmas morning due to a sudden unpleasantness,  while pursuing his favorite treat: Peanut-butter extra crunchy . According to forensic evidence, it was a swift and merciful end. He didn’t suffer. Donations in his honor may be made to the Humane Society or to the local adopt-a-pet agency.


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4 Responses to Mr. Mouse

  1. Sara Harris says:

    awh sad and funny snd absolutely necessary!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone so forgive odd mistakes!


  2. francarbonaroattnet says:

    Appropriate to send my condolences?

  3. Zorba says:

    We also use extra crunchy peanut butter to lure the mice to their…aahh…demise.
    Another effective technique is getting a cat. But I’m not sure that Andie would care for that. 😉

  4. robin andrea says:

    Sad, but necessary. Once they’re in the house appropriate action must be taken. Good bye, Mousey.

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