Death Panels: Why are these people laughing?


Because, they will be responsible for killing a loved one near you.

If the new TrumpCare bill becomes law thousands will die; simple fact, tens of thousands of America’s most vulnerable will suffer medical neglect and will die. The line has been crossed. The laughing faces of the above is the picture of pure evil and is what the Republican Party has become.

True patriotic Americans, those who still have humanitarian standards, a belief in justice and American tradition must destroy the Trumpscum Party root and branch. Harass, troll and demonstrate against these sick politicos every time they appear, home, schools, offices, businesses, town halls or churches. Their families are fair game. Make their lives a living hell, like the kind they are creating for the rest of us, poor, women, single parents, sick children, the elderly and the vulnerable innocents.

VOTE these heartless monsters out of office for I foresee that  we will experience violent upheaval when the death toll rises. I trust these ghouls have good security options. They are going to need them. The following Californians voted to repeal and replace the ACA:

Representative Stance
Rep. Ken Calvert (Corona) Yes
Rep. Paul Cook (Yucca Valley) Yes
Rep. Jeff Denham* (Turlock) Yes
Rep. Duncan Hunter (Alpine) Yes
Rep. Darrell Issa* (Vista) Yes
Rep. Steve Knight* (Palmdale) Yes
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (Richvale) Yes
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Bakersfield) Yes
Rep. Tom McClintock (Elk Grove) Yes
Rep. Devin Nunes (Tulare) Yes
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher* (Costa Mesa) Yes
Rep. Ed Royce* (Fullerton) Yes
Rep. David Valadao* (Hanford) Yes
Rep. Mimi Walters* (Irvine) Yes

Vote every one of the bastards out of office!

BTW, they included a clause that protects them from the elimination of the pre-existing clause.


 NOTE:  This act of inhumanity by the Republican Party far exceeds outrageous, it calls into question the legitimacy of the Party itself as a legitimate representative of classic American democratic values, of basic humanitarian values, of justice and I would remind Christian Republican hypocrites:  Matthew: 25-40  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

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