Loser Trumpkin


“He dodged the draft. He’s proud of himself for not paying taxes, thinking that makes him “smart”. There’s a long line of people he agreed to pay for work they did but then refused to pay. He broke US law to do business with Cuba. His career started with illegal discrimination in housing. He brags about using bankruptcy to avoid paying debt he incurred, with no awareness of or concern for other people he stiffs along the way. He illegally uses charity money to pay his legal bills. He bribes politicians, and alternatively brags about it as proof that he’s a successful businessman, or feigns offense that someone would suggest he would bribe anyone. He doesn’t feel it’s necessary to release his tax returns as every single other candidate has done for 40 years. He doesn’t even have to follow the most standard rule of human interaction, which is to tell the truth. And on and on.”

“This is a man who grew up being told rules don’t apply to him, and he’s extended his wealth his whole life by not playing by the same rules we do. He’s not better than any of us. If we cheated and lied like he does and we were given $14,000,000 loans when starting out, nearly all of us would rise to greater power and money. We don’t because we haven’t had those unique (and unearned) opportunities and because we have common decency. We also didn’t grow up assuming it’s our birthright to ignore the law, or thinking that the law was for suckers.

Comment by Crewman on J.M.G:


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