Nuts, Nutty, Nutter, Nutso, Wacko, Kray-kray

We need to concentrate with all our being on the disaster that is to befall this nation if lil’ Twitter Dtrumpf is elected to the Presidency. I believe Michael Moore is correct in assuming that the orange one might very well be elected to office. The great American peasantry is exceptionally venal, ignorant, hate-filled and dangerous.

The GOP Convention certainly proved that. Quite aside from stylistic criticisms of a huge arena filled with vapid, monster loving blond Barbies of all ages in red sleeveless dresses channeling their inner Megyn Kelly or  dimwit bubba’s the size of refrigerators wearing flags and stetsons, the rabble appeared ready to form a mob to kill Hillary and put ‘liberuuuls’ in FEMA camps.

Full disclosure: I am a Bernie Bro from A to Z, even though I have voted for Dr Stein in the past. This time is different. America is on the verge of transmogrifying into a fascist mess lead by a D-List cracked-pot Mussolini. Never before in my long life have I sensed the palpable danger of a national collapse, and we thought Dubya Bush was bad! I urge you to read the Republican Platform section on GLTBQ peoples. It reads like a red-neck manifesto of the Elders of Zion.

Please, I urge  you to get out the barf bag, hold your nose if you must and vote for Hillary. Considering what this nation will look like under a fascist Republican government lead by a moron like Dtrumpf, it is the greater good. Truly, it is the greater good!

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3 Responses to Nuts, Nutty, Nutter, Nutso, Wacko, Kray-kray

  1. robin andrea says:

    I am a Bernie supporter, but intend to hold my nose and carry a barf bag while I vote for Hillary. The thought of a President Drumpf absolutely freaks me out and makes me very very nervous. I wish Hillary would pick an interesting VP, but already she’s leaning towards stupid. Oh well. Hand me that barf bag, and let’s go vote!

  2. rainnnn says:

    I will also have to do it and vote for Clinton much as I consider her also a disaster– just less of one. Bernie supporters, and I was one, just have to be adults and vote Democrat. Just hope next election, our choices have improved. Hillary may smirk over winning but she isn’t winning for who she is but who he is! That’s my opinion.

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