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3 Responses to WOW

  1. emmers says:

    WOW is right… and we wonder why children are so obese?!!

  2. Tara says:

    “Hi there everyone,

    just thought I’d share with you about an email I had at work. (Children’s ward ) It was about a 7 month old baby who had choked and died whilst eating a marshmallow. Despite backslaps and CPR the baby died. Had it been a piece of ‘hard’ food it would have probably come out with the backslaps.

    So please be aware when giving your babies finger foods. ” I know, I’m Debbie Downer, but when I saw these cuties eating marshmallows I freaked. Yeah, they are cute, but Dad has a screw loose.

  3. zorbear says:

    Since this seems to be the day for complainers, I thought I’d add mine:
    How come these little rug rats are cuter than I am? It should be against the law!

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