Trace’s Garden

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3 Responses to Trace’s Garden

  1. robin andrea says:

    Trace’s garden is looking lush and beautiful. Love seeing those deep pink Cala Lilies.

  2. Tara says:

    what is the music? it’s beautiful. like Robin,I love the cala lilies. My yellow ones are sort of bombing out this year. 😦 So, were you an equal partner in the garden or are you learning to keep it up now?

  3. Karmanot says:

    Thanks for dropping by Robin and Tara! I have been gardening since boyhood. It’s how my Dad and I bonded in my younger days. We had about an acre planted in vegetables and flowers. Trace had a similar past. My strongest suite was design, having a long history as a painter, designer, artist. Trace was a master gardener and together we created ‘sanctuary’ where ever we lived. It was a mutual and collaborative partnership and we learned much from each other. When we first moved into this little town our cottage sat on a crabgrass patch of barren ground and over the years have built into what it is today. When I became ill several years ago and couldn’t do much for a year or so Trace took it on himself to create the most beautiful garden ever, and it was stunning. We thought I was going to die. Yet, Trace died last summer and I have the cyclical energy to continue our work. It’s what is left and the most remaining joy that continues.

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