With A Love Like Gleam

With a Love Like Gleam

Christmas 2014

Awake at dawn
The dream begins,
Again and again,
Day after day,
Gone, long gone.
The din of our rooms
Is still
And emptiness wins the day
In the long gone way of dying.

In the green rain,
Here in the flower bowers
Of an empty garden
Beneath the brown earth
Trying to feel again,
I begin on this holy holiday

To summon you and pray.
Oh how I pray
That by some magic,
By some miracle
I might hear you say
From that depth of sand and clay,
“I am with you still.”

And so it is
In the Winter place
From your empty room,
Through your window
A single bloom:
A five petaled
White rose.

God knows,
At last
A sign
That filters through the cracks
Of emptiness—-
A ray of light
With a love like gleam
To hold me dear this Christmas night.

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1 Response to With A Love Like Gleam

  1. Anonymous says:

    No words, Darling. Except Thank you…

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