Donuts for the Buddha


Donuts for the Buddha

In the foggy Avenues
A neighborhood cafe
Makes breakfast
The old days way:

Sunnyside up,
Gravy— maybe—-
Flip cakes
Maple syrup
And a stir-up of
Black, black coffee
With a drizzling stream
Of tiny container cream,
A slider of crispy bacon
And fried scrapple  what am,
Make’un the day start right in the AM.

Time is tight for the old men
Who get there by seven,
To talk of sports and news,
Or jokes to blush the church pews,
In a jumble of loud noise
Which rises clear up to each man’s heaven.
At the center of it all,
Shining bright in this greasy spoon,
An altar carries the daily offering
Of incense, a tangerine and
fresh jimmy donuts for the Buddha.
Whodda thought? An appetite for enlightenment in this busy room.

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2 Responses to Donuts for the Buddha

  1. lindalou5150 says:

    oh how i love this piece!

  2. robin andrea says:

    Filling Buddha’s belly and spirits with sweetness!

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