Garden Roses

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3 Responses to Garden Roses

  1. Tara Crowley says:

    I remember this lovely video. You absolutely transformed this place. I may ask for consultation on my new garden. Boring as hell, in need of inspiration like this. It’s the first time in several years I have a place to grow beautiful plants and I can’t wait to start! It is restorative, as I’m sure you know. xo.

  2. Emmers says:

    M…it must be impossible almost to believe when you pass through that garden gate – witness the beauty – realize the transformation – breathe deeply of whatever bloom dominates the senses that day – that Trace will not appear suddenly – as if hidden from sight these long months as he kneels amongst his roses – “just catching up on the weedin”.
    Lovely images M. Thank you for the garden tour and feeling I was walking with both of you there.

  3. Karmanot says:

    Emmers, I think that was race’s last music video.

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