Russia: Back To The Future

Back to the future


“The Italian cities of Milan and Venice have suspended their “Sister City” status with St. Petersburg, Russia over that city’s recently-passed legislation that ties gays to pedophilia and pretty much bans even mentioning the word “gay” in public.  (Someone was arrested under the law for wearing rainbow suspenders.)

Russia is now considering passing the same law nationwide.

The question now is whether cities like Los Angeles and Quebec will continue to remain Sister Cities with St. Petersburg, in view of the brave position the Italians have taken.  Also a Sister City with St. Petersburg is the State of Maryland, which just legalized gay marriages.”

REMEMBER: 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

A peek into opening ceremonies:



UPDATE:  The Kremlin Culture Ministry has announced Fashion revivals to celebrate Russian history on display at the Olympics: burlap frocks, with twine and sickle accessories;  Feedbag purses; flour sack babushka’s; troop boots; Radish legs and red piroshki noses. Reuters has announced that these directives definitely indicate an anti-gay pogrom.

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