The Duchess Of Kolob Has a Snit


“Ann Romney has apparently had it up to here with this 47 percent stuff. In a radio interview in Iowa she swung back at all the critics of her husband’s campaign with a blunt message: “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring.”

Mrs. Romney’s latest efforts at damage control represent a shift in tone from her kinder, gentler stand-by-your-man interview earlier in the week when she said Mitt is “absolutely not” disdainful of poor Americans who are in entitlement programs.

The GOP nominee is under harsh attack from the Obama campaign and some in his own party for his impolitic comments at a fundraiser in May in which he seemed to write off 47 percent of the population as victims who were “dependent upon government”.

In her latest radio interview, Mrs. Romney dismissed the Republican backlash as “nonsense” from “the chattering class.” But if the latest polls are any indication, that “nonsense” seems to be seeping into voters’ minds with just seven weeks to go until the election.”

Poor put-upon Annie. Try this out for size Duchess:

“No, Mrs. Romney, hard is not having enough money to feed your kids.
Hard is working 80 hours per week and still not making it.
Hard is watching your wife suffer with cancer, and not having access to good medical care.
Hard is going to bed every night wondering if you will be killed by a US drone.
Hard is being an 18 year-old boy with no front teeth – no dental care – and trying to get hired for a job.
Hard is missing your father’s funeral because your boss won’t give you the time off.
Hard is being a little kid working in a toxic farm field.
Hard is being in prison – tortured because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Hard is being Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, or Lynne Stewart.
Hard is living in a country that has no nuclear capability. Those are the ones on the list for US military intervention.
Hard is being stared at because you are homeless.
Hard is living in a country that is being occupied by US Military Forces.
Hard is being an unarmed man assassinated in his own bedroom.
Hard is being the mother of the little boy who died from a tooth abscess because his Mom did not have money for a dentist.
Hard is knowing that no one in power is on your side.
Hard is always being on the wrong side of the desk.
Hard is knowing that things will never get better.”

by Rosemarie Jackowski

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1 Response to The Duchess Of Kolob Has a Snit

  1. Zorba says:

    Ann Romney can just kiss my ass. These people are incredibly privileged, clueless assholes. The Greeks had a word for it- it’s called “hubris.”

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