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Emily Dickinson

Scholars at Amherst College in Massachusetts believe a collector may have what would be just the second known photo of poet Emily Dickinson.The college says the collector, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought the photo in 1995 in Springfield. He … Continue reading

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Barney Frank: Uncle Toms and Auntie Ems

“National LGBT organizations are quickly distancing themselves from Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s assertion that the Log Cabin Republicans — a group for gay Republicans — have modeled themselves after “Uncle Tom.” The retiring out gay representative first made the racially … Continue reading

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American Airlines Discriminates Against Disabled Kid

The airlines are totally out of control. As if TSA weren’t bad enough, AA, Delta and United, once great companies, who were outstanding examples of American ingenuity and  excellence are little more than flying cattle cars these days. A family  … Continue reading

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