Days Of Destruction

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5 Responses to Days Of Destruction

  1. zorbear says:

    Hey, Mandt — any chance I could get you to expand your share button to include Twitter (WordPress makes it easy)? I re-twit pointers to some of your posts, and, although I can do it without the button…well, I’m lazy. Plus there might be others who’d help spread the word as well, if they just had a button…

    Namaste bro!

  2. robin andrea says:

    The commodification of everything. Ah, America. Gary Snyder wrote in a poem,
    “America—your stupidity.
    I could almost love you again. ”
    But now, we know that can never be true. No love, not now, not forever.

  3. robin andrea says:

    I just found this quote in an interview that Bill Moyers did with Gary Snyder about the poem, “I Went Into the Maverick Bar”–
    “The real work is becoming native in your heart, coming to understand we really live here, that this is really the continent we’re on and that our loyalties are here, to these mountains and rivers, to these plant zones, to these creatures. The real work involves developing a loyalty that goes back before the formation of any nation state, back billions of years and thousands of years into the future. The real work is accepting citizenship in the continent itself. ”
    That is where my loyalty is…

  4. MandT says:

    zorbear- Thank you for the alert on activating share buttons in WordPress. Hopefully now it will be easier. Grazie! mandt

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