SFPD: It Gets Better

Editor’s note: Times have changed. We remember a time when the SFPD hunted GLTB folks, beat them, entrapped them, rioted in bigotry from one end of the Castro to the Civic Center. There is no doubting the sincerity and honesty of the individuals in this “It Gets Better.” Still, those of us who have lived in an around San Francisco for decades, particularly during the Harvey Milk days, will never forget the SFPD. My personal animus for police, and the SFPD in particular is an angry effect to be exorcised by forgiveness, if not forgetting. I’m still working on it.

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1 Response to SFPD: It Gets Better

  1. tara says:

    this is so very inspirational! It gives me great hope that we are changing for the better. thank you for posting it.

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