Rain falling beautifully on the skin
Tender touches by men and women
Kisses in September are the one to remember
Eyes glow and words sparkle
Lucid September
Wind strings us together we are one
September silence is unforgettable
Beautiful September
With your cold, we hug create warmth
September has it all
As you slowly go October
A month to behold sneaks in
With its Halloween
But nothing compares to September

Adrian Porcayo

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1 Response to SEPTEMBER

  1. Ushanu says:

    Last one:It’s been a while, I’ve lost my smile.I’ve given myself, to my deonms for a time.I’ve felt great joy, and gut wrenching pain,Somewhere in the middle, I thought I’d lose my mind.But, it’s always darkest,just before dawn I’ve suffered the night,and I’ve got to move on.I’ve braved through the winter,of my true discontent.Now, I’m back on the path,for the purpose which I was sent.I can never forget you,like breath you gave me life.You gave me purpose and strength,when I’d lost my will to fight.I thought I’d never recover,when your soul was called home.I felt the stranglehold of death,as it gripped at my soul.I thought I’d lost my purpose,and my will to survive.Then I recalled your beautiful voice,saying: “Daddy, please don’t cry.”No longer in bondage,to the pain of this world.You’ve been given new life,now you’re God’s little girl.The tears they still fall,and I’m still saddened that you’re gone.Please, remember Daddy loves you.And know your memory lives on.

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