‘Winter Walking’



Remember us, you not yet here.

Of the sparrow-colored fields of mid-November,

We the percievers, the sayers and rememberers; 

Call us to mind,

Say the words on our name- —

They are our name,

Who breathed here in these underground cloud-darkened wind-uttered fields,

And spoke like you

Each object’s word.

—-Franz Wright


Remember us

Walking  in crunching snow

Over frozen  grass

And deeper, warmer Spring.

Remember us

When bulbs sprout

Lilacs intoxicate and peonies face full

Perfumed sweet and with  heaven’s feet

We walk the air above the ground,

But then awake.

We the percievers, sayers, and rememberers cannot escape

The  blood-sod dream no Spring can bloom

In a sandy hell, a broken door, a murdered child’s room

We are lost to the furies

Of bearded sons killing for a different God.



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