“For A Good Time, Call Leviticus”


One more evangelical rant, one more Biblical quote, one more posture from the likes of Tom DeLay as a 'moral' authority and we will throw up or Ctrl-Alt-Delete– right? Hey, its time to meet the enemy and 'rock' their holier-than-thou boat for a change. It's important to know what radical Christian fascists are thinking, after all, they are running the country now. They can't be ignored, and parallels with totalitarian statecraft can no longer be laughed off as insane paranoia.

Radical evangelicals are not moved by reason, facts or science. They think the world was created in seven days by a magical old man in the sky. These people are so remedial that, although they accept Jesus as their personal savior, they still haven't developed beyond zero CE. Savage, patriarchal, undemocratic, unjust punishment favoring murder, genocide, stoning, burning and beheading top the favorites hobbies of the ancient Hebrew tribes. That evangelicals embrace these texts as God's word, and seem to ignore Christ's new laws in Matthew 5,6,7 of the New testament, is notable. You might compare it to evangelical Republican's love of golf, steroid baseball, and Texas style lobbying efforts.

What brings all this up is the current fuss over 'gay marriage' that has been in the headlines so much of the past year. America is heading for a very nasty confrontation over this issue. It will be a battle between Constitutional law and Biblical law. So far, the current judiciary is ruling on the idea that discrimination in marriage is unconstitutional. Ironically, the latest positive ruling framing gay marriage as a constitutional issue of civil rights came from the bench of a Republican Catholic judge in California. It's important to remember that there are actually ethical Republican members of the BAR.

The evangelical battle plan is to subject the issue to an Amendment vote by the states after a fury of bigoted campaigns. Similarily, many are waiting with bated breath for a judge on the Supreme Court to drop dead so another right wing activist, like Clarence Thomas, can step in and tip the scales. As you well know, the Supreme Court is an appointed body, has the last word and is not subject to democracy.

If an 'anti-gay marriage' Amendment is adopted, it will be an historic step in reversing two hundred years of Civil Rights legislation. Chances are, that the gay marriage issue will be floated first to test the waters before the 'right to choice' of Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

Let us take a closer look at biblical law. First, and most noticeable, is the fact that evangelical's refer to the old Hebrew Bible in defining 'homosexual' or 'gay' as taboo activity. It's not a positive picture, but curiously, the Old Testament says nothing about 'homosexuality' being unnatural, only taboo. Although they had no gay penguins in Leviticus' time, they did have same gender friendly camels, and we are sure that being tribal people close to the land, they saw much. There is an Arab saying that once a camel gets its nose in the tent—-well we can just imagine. As they say in Texas–time for camel barbeque.

Leviticus 20:13 states "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall be put to death." Several questions arise. The most obvious is that radical Christians believe 'homosexuals' should be put to death. Several members of congress have said as much, including Rick Santorum in an aside moment. Crazed Christian reverands, such as Fred Phelps in Kansas, shout it from the church tops without a moment's shame.

Among the prohibitions for society warranting death, 'homosexuality' is seldom mentioned in the greater context of the Old Testament, and not at all by Jesus in the New Testament gospels. It ranks right up there with consulting fortune tellers and adultry. Get out those rocks folks. Let ye without stones cast the first sin.

Considering that well over 50% of evangelical marriages end in divorce, it's going to get very interesting when it gets totally literal. Considering that radical Christians cultivate hypocracy as assuredly as rightousness, we won't see any real action too soon.

Although Leviticus is filled with wonderful horrors, some chapters more than others particularly interest us. Those are 18: 1-30, on sexual matters and 20: 1-27, on penalities for violations of holiness. On the death menu from the above are a complexity of 'no no's' about laying with any of a number of family connections. That would practically wipe out the Deep South, not to mention cousins Prince Charles and Camilla, who absolutely must be burned alive.

Also notable is the absence of any mention of lesbian sex. The old tribes, as well as the current ones, saw women as property and not worthy of a death pronouncement except when caught or even accused of adultry, beaten to death on a husband's whim, or failing to scream loudly when raped. Are these our kind of red states folks, or what? Logically, lesbians are biblically okay. So you evangelicals stop messin' with unorthodox families, or the Lord will smite ya'll.

And for general interest, take a look at the terms 'homosexual' and 'gay.'
Up to around 1868, 'gays' were called by a rich lexicon of colloquial terms in every human tongue. We have said before that 'gay' goes back, biblically speaking, to Adam and Eve–Cain and Able. You may recall the story. Cain made a cheap, ugly little offering to God and God was very pissed off. Then, Able made a beautiful, very tasteful offering and God loved it. That got Cain in a bunch, and he killed Able out of envy. This is the earliest account of altar-envy and gay bashing. Amen.

After many a moon had passed and umpteen begats, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs made academic the term 'Urningtum' to express, as only the German mind could conceive, 'gay'–the 'liber urningtum', that dare not speak its name. Then, in 1869, Karl Maria (don't ya love it!) Kertbeny defined, for the Prussian Penal Code, the term 'homosexualitat'. And the rest, as they say, is history. It is noteworthy that this same penal code kept in prison some years after the concentration camps were liberated 'gay' folk who had managed to survive all previous horrors.

It was only thirty years ago that the American Medical Association lifted the onus of mental illness and criminal condition from the diagnosis of 'homosexual'. If science has had a disgraceful record previously on the matter of sexual diversity, or more specifically 'species differentiation', research is making rapid strides to uncover the most essential mystery of human nature–female, male, and the rainbow between.

A study recently published in the journal Nature found an unexpectedly large genetic variation on the X chromosome among women. As we know, women inherit one X chromosome from each parent; a man inherits one X chromosome from his mother and a Y chromosome from his father. Scientists are discovering a complex and varied number of genetic markers on these X chromosomes. In studying fruit flies,(we know, we know..) researchers have found what can be called protein markers for 'gay' insects.

The possibility of finding a 'gay' gene is reaching mythic proportions, and stiring heated controversy among secular humanists and radical evangelicals of all stripes. Nothing is certain yet, but it is just a matter of time before the genetic background of sexuality is revealed in all its magnificant diversity and sacred complexity. The thought that 'gayness' may be genetic has not gone unnoticed by radical congress persons. Republican Rep. Brian Duprey has filed a bill making it illegal to abort a fetus based on the reason of its sexuality. One can just imagine that ladies, like Phyllis Shafley of the Eagle Forum, might have considered abortion if she had know that her son would turn out gay and become a hairdresser–the very nightmare of a bigot. Knowing Lynn Cheney's ruthless attitude on just about anything, we wonder if little Mary would be around today. Mary Cheney just goes to show that even gays can grow up to be fascists. This secret is not limited to the Vatican.

If it weren't such a serious issue, it would be deliciously ironic to see radical Christian right-to-lifer's sneaking down dark alleys with coat hangers to abort their 'not-to-be different' children. Duprey's bill failed, of course, revealing the true nature behind the radical Christian agenda. And, since they are against stem cell manipulations, even the test-tubers won't have a chance. Like the punishments of the Old Testament, we can only wish a plague of fruit flies upon their houses.

For the record, for better or worse, 'Gay', 'Lesbian', or 'Transgender' are the proper terms for those condemed to death by the radical right. Calling any of the above 'homosexual' is like calling black individuals 'darkies'. The battle of gender apartheid is now engaged.

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