The Angel Mothra

It was a new tradition that we started when first moving into the Forestville cottage to celebrate the holidays by creating a fence decorating the season with gleanings from the summer gardens and forming the image of an angel. At one point a dear one, who shall remain anonymous, said the creation looked more like Mothra of Japanese monster fame than not. Thus, over the past nine years or so sisters of the Angel Mothra have graced our contributions to the neighborhood festivities. It all began in Vermont at the farmhouse on Silk Road in Bennington with swags hanging from the back porch ceiling.




With the help of an angel named Susan Lamont

Angels Past

angle 100_6644


IMG_3220 - Copy

100_5217 - Copy




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WORLD AIDS DAY Dec 1, 2018


A River of Candles


From the torpid heat

The night brought

Moonlight and fireflies,

Belying the heavy weight of day

With the scent of roses


The play of sweet wild phlox

In blue shadowed depths

With white, pink and violet blooms

Growing in the floral rooms

Of the deserted orchard

At the edge of the marsh.


Dawn rises

With a soft purple hue

As those shadows in the dream

Remember the river of candles

Which once seemed

The bleeding hearts of thousands

Who carried sorrow in tiny flames

Up the length of Market Street


Whose eyes flickering with light

Made brilliant the night

With tears

That honored the dead


Brought some relief of our terrible grief.


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The Holidays are upon us once again and if one has survived the boot camp depredations of BLACK FRIDAY, then maybe a sweet, easy buying time from a click or two on the laptop or computer is in order. For those of you readers and those you care for are readers, may I suggest the following:

POETRY: SNAPSHOTS —–a collection of poems on nature, on love, on life , on grief

WOBBLY SABI..…A collection of poems on love, aging, and the                                                     beautiful  transient nature of life

PETS & DOGS:  THE ANDIE CHRONICLES……a collection of stories about a little                                  Cocker Spaniel named Andie and her adventures

MEMOIR:     PENTIMENTO.…….The life and times of a world traveler, hippy, monk                     poet, artist, activist, part-time anarchist and professional black sheep of the family

Happy Holidays from Michael & Andie

IMG_2930 - Copy

IMG_2465 - Copy


All These books are available at Barns & Noble   by Michael Browne

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Remember Me

IMG_3744 - Copy


Remember Me


Remember me.

I am gone.

Remember how I laughed, danced


The songs of life we sang


I am the white in winter,

The icy patterns on farmhouse windows,

The swift moving storm clouds,

Free of tears now.

Remember me.

I am the new green in Spring

Free of the years



Free of fears.

Remember me in Fall.

I am the call of wild geese leaving.

Free of grieving.

Remember me

In the light of morning

When dew drops become rainbows

On the tips of grass bent by tule fog.

I’ve become mushrooms on an old mossy log,



Mumurating birds

Gleaning the fields,

Create mobile forms just for you.


Might remember me


Standing in awe of snow


The pink glow of a winter twilight


The changeling seasons come and go

To show the ever new

Of me who


Gone now.

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If This Is Goodbye

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Our Shangri-La

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