Death in Ferguson

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Brahms Requiem

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Going On

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Nothing Left To Lose

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Pressing On

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1. I held you, Trace.

2. The  fear swept over us, I held you.

3. I  pretended nothing was wrong when you wanted me to hold you. I knew before you said a word, I held you.

4. I  made plans with you to go back to Paris. We waited until Bodhi left, but then you got sick. We both know you could no longer go and I sat with you and looked at our pictures of the old days  and I held you.

5. I  drove to our doctor’s office and we got the final verdict, we held each other.

6.  I pretended the disease wasn’t robbing your mind and when you told me something out-of-synch, I didn’t let you know, I held you.

7. We went to the nursery because you needed to garden, but you barely made it down the isles. I gave you a ride on the long cart and held you then.

8. I played your  ‘morning music’ on the I-Pod you got for your birthday. When the memories made you sad instead of happy and you went silent, I held you.

9. I  sat up all night with you because the cardiac apnea  wouldn’t let you sleep. I slept on the floor by your bed for days until you left. In the morning, l changed your drenched sheets and held you with your last breath

10. I will always hold you, Trace.  My anguish is equal to the depth of love we had.


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Come Back As A Flower

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