Time & Again: Be Alright

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Can’t Say Goodbye


In slow time
The rhyme sings
It’s own song.
Long gone are Summer roses,
Long gone is the whole heart,
Long gone is the dancing spirit
And we who loved him.

There is no fresh start
No getting on
No forgetting
No rebuilding.
The ruins are settling
And we sing its song:
The whole is broken apart.

‘We’ are half here, half gone
Ghosting the days
In teared keening,
A single silent chorus
Whose meaning
Embraces the season ways
Of loss and change–

With faded morning glories
With sharp-edged fallen leaves,
And the long stories
Of what was and what was lost
As Autumn claims
The death of Summer
And July is tossed to never ending memory.

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Republican Time Warp

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Vivaldi: Four Seasons— 4th Movement

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Suite No.1 in G Major

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Goodnight My Angel

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You & Me

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